There are numerous reasons to hire instead of rent including liability, cost, efficiency. But if you are considering renting a bobcat anyway, please make your first stop: Bobcat Man Bobcat Rental in Hendersonville Tn CHEAP? : BOBCAT MAN

There are numerous reasons to hire instead of rent including liability, cost, efficiency. But if you are considering renting a bobcat anyway, please make your first stop: Bobcat Man

Thinking of RENTING a machine and DOING THE JOB YOURSELF? Big MISTAKE! Don't do it!

  • It will cost you more $ out of pocket than hiring The Bobcat Man at his special Internet rate, guaranteed!

  • It will cost you about many hours of your time vs. a 5 minute phone call to hire The Bobcat Man; 10 hours you could be spending elsewhere on your project to double your productivity! You save two ways!

Welcome to THE Bobcat Skid Steer RENTAL GAME: The game of pulling you into the store with a low price over the phone, getting you under contract, then slapping you SILLY with literally HUNDREDS of DOLLARS in ADDITIONAL FEES, FEES, FEES, and guessed it:


Rental companies know most homeowner's rent a Bobcat once or twice in a lifetime. If they can entice you with a low price, with your mind already set on doing the job, and after standing in line awhile, you won't likely balk at a few "small" fees. And since this is a one-time thing, why not extract every possible dime from your pocket while the opportunity is there? Any loose change accumulated in your couch? Yes, they want that too.

So most rental stores have the "rental fee" phone quote, which becomes what most call the "out the door" price as you sign the contract and take possession of the machine. "Out the door" usually includes the rental fee plus the insurance and sales tax. And it sounds as if it would be the total cost to rent, right? WRONG!

You'll likely still owe PLENTY MORE. Here's a composite rundown of the typical charges you'll be assessed at final checkout based on research conducted at four Nashville area rental stores:

  • Rental Fee Quote: $275 (this would be for a much less powerful machine than the T650*)

  • Diesel Fuel Used: Varies but $59.55 (2.5 gallons/hr. x $3.97/gal- the current avg. price- x 6 hrs) would be a reasonable estimate.

  • Sales Tax on Rental Fee: $26.12

  • Mandatory One Day Physical Damage Insurance: $41.25 (typically 15% of rental fee). This is waived if you can provide proof of a physical damage policy on the machine but who would have that except a Bobcat owner?

  • Delivery charge: starts as low as $50 minimum each way ($100 total) for this smaller, lighter machine and can be much higher for larger, heavier machines**

    Hey, that's NOT the $275 quoted on the phone, that's over $500!

    But wait, these extra charges may also apply to your situation:

  • Fail to clean machine properly before returning: $75

  • Have a 3/4 ton or one ton truck but need the Bobcat trailer? That's $65.

    And hold on, that change accumulated in your couch is still up for grabs! So all four Nashville area rental companies researched for this piece have one more nasty surprise for you: You'll receive a machine full of fuel, then when you return it nearly empty, they fill it full of diesel and charge you the cost of the diesel plus $1 extra per gallon (currently that would total about $5/gallon). On top of that $500 rental or so, add as much as 25 more pure profit dollars to your final total (most of these machines have about a 25 gallon fuel tank). Cha Ching!


    way cheaper


    far easier

    to call The Bobcat Man! Plus, with The Bobcat Man doing your job for you, hours of your time will be freed up to either watch Sanford and Son re-runs or to double your productivity!!!

    Actual Advertised/Over-The-Phone Price vs. TRUE COST Example:

    Sunbelt Rentals offers a John Deere brand machine for an over-the-phone "rental fee" of $255.The actual final cost to get an insured JD skid steer delivered to your site and use it for 8 hours: $545. Don't give it a good power washing prior to return? That'll be an extra $150! Holy Leaping Lizards!

    Another Example of Advertised Price vs. TRUE COST:

    The advertised, over-the-phone-quote, rental price of a T300 Track Loader from the Bobcat of Nashville rental division:


    But with sales tax, mandatory insurance (15% of rental fee), 24 gallons of $5/gallon diesel, a $98 each way delivery fee THE TRUE COST TOTAL Skyrockets to a WHOPPING...


    And return it dirty? Add $100 for the cleaning fee. Compare that $651 to Bobcat Man's $325 flat rate!

    And a bargain basement $145 rental at Art's Rent-Alls? Well you get what you pay for, and in this case, what you pay a lot extra for...They do give an over-the-phone quote of $145 on a Bobcat. But it's as unstable on any sort of slope as a machine can be and even if you stick a bowl of Wheaties in the tank, it packs only 25 HP. Been there, done that and it's no fun bouncing a bucket around on top of hardpan on a vastly underpowered machine that can't dig in.

    And in regards to many folks claims they'll "tow the rental machine with my Ford F-150"? Or their Chevy C-10 or some other half ton pickup? Maybe in the Neighborhood of Make Believe where the seriously misinformed reside; here in Nashville it JUST AIN'T happenin'... with the machine and trailer you'd be towing a combined weight way over the legal GVWR, The sales guys all specified, "3/4 ton truck or larger only."

    Unless you can somehow avoid or mitigate any of these charges: the added costs for insurance, sales tax, 14 gallons of diesel, and $90 delivery, the "$145 rental" total morphs into $335.90 at final checkout. Now there's a heart attack moment for ya... Honey, quick, what's that Bobcat Man's number? Oh yeah, 855-6630

    At most places, unless you pry the information out of the sales person the possible fees you'll pay aren't normally fully disclosed upfront. If they were, not many folks, mostly the insane, would rent, everyone else would hire me : ) But once the mistake to rent is made due to getting sucked in by an artificially low price, the job is usually lost to me forever, and sadly, the customer, stuck with an underpowered machine they can't run very well, gets far less, but pays far more. Often they can't complete essential parts of the project but have exhausted their budget helping some rental store pay their advertising bill, electric bill, employee's wages and other store overhead. I lose. You lose. But hey, the rental store owner is all smiles as he drives away in his Lamborghini and starts sending you personally signed Christmas cards.

    You have The Bobcat Man- a highly experienced operator on one of the most powerful, versatile machines on the market- ready to do your bidding... why spend more to rent a glorified Tonka Toy? It makes zero sense.

    Please note that the Bobcat Man's $85/hr., 4 hr. minimum rate for $340 TOTAL is of limited duration and its a major steal so if you're interested CALL NOW TO BOOK YOUR DAY: 855-6630.

    Hiring The Bobcat Man places all liability on him. That's huge!

    And Bobcat Man's $340 price for up to 4 hours of Bobcat work includes high quality insurance, it includes all diesel fuel, it includes load/unload and delivery, it includes the many truck and trailer expenses; the maintenance; the repairs; the cleaning....NO NASTY SURPRISES WHEN IT'S TIME TO PONY UP! 855-6630.


But if you are determined to rent one of these beastly machines regardless of how much money you'll be sending down the porcelain poo collector, you had better know what you're doing with it. Otherwise, besides wasting much of the money figuring it out, you could possibly harm yourself or others. Many amateurs renting machines, and even some professional operators, have been killed or seriously maimed for life in skid steer and track machine accidents.

The Top Seven Ways People Die, are Seriously Injured, or Hurt Someone Else Attempting to Operate Skid Steers and Track Machines

  • #1 Getting crushed between a rising bucket and the cab frame when entering or exiting. Fatal.

  • #2 Rolling the machine down a slope. Seatbelt on- simply change your underwear and you're good to go. Seatbelt off, probably fatal.

  • #3 Backing over a child or other bystander. Usually fatal. Visibilty can sometimes be an issue yet many renters encourage their small children to "Watch Daddy run the machine." It's a poor decision that sometimes ends in tragedy. Please don't do it.

  • #4 Flipping the machine over backwards by using improper technique to load a dumpster or truck. Once the bucket raises a heavy load to a certain height the machine becomes unstable and can flip if you move in to the target too quickly, back up too fast or stop suddenly. The smaller the machine, the more pronounced this instability is. Sometimes this is a walkaway, sometimes it's fatal. . . feeling lucky?

  • #5 Failing to level the bucket properly and evenly as a load is raised, dumping it on themselves. If it's a load of horse manure, you're in some deep crap. If it's a load of logs, cement chunks, bricks or other solid materials, you're probably seriously injured.

  • #6 Confused, the operator pushes a lever or foot pedal when they should have pulled and panic when the machine responds in an unexpected way. This can compound the negative results of any of the above scenarios or lead to hitting structures, vehicles, people, etc.

  • #7 The operator is so focused on figuring out how to get the machine to do what they want it to, they forget about utilities and other obstacles. Some have backed into gas lines, backed off cliffs or got tangled in guy wires and shook the attached phone pole hard enough to knock live electric lines down onto the machine. Note that cooking yourself like a fine morning bacon may not be the best way to start your day.

    There should definitely be a law against novices even touching the controls on one of these machines, let alone transporting or operating them without several days of training and acclimation.

    Indeed, there is a training facility not far from here that offers a four-day, hands-on Bobcat training program which teaches the basics of proper operation, machine safety and jobsite safety for as little as $4,000. Interested? Ask and although I have no affiliation with them, I'll be happy to forward contact details.

Testimonial from May 6, 2011 Project (2 in-progress photos below)

Bobcat Man dug a level spot for my 24 x 40 garage plus a 30 foot level spot in front of the garage on my sloping backyard. He also cut the driveway to it and spread the crush/run on the drive. All done in 4 hours, fast and efficient. Thank you Bobcat Man for the great job! - Allen Papendick, Colmbia, Tn

Update: 5-27-11 I re-visited the Crocker Springs Road property (see "Bobcat Man SAVES Goodlettsville Homeowner $4,950!" above as first reported as breaking news on...uh.... CNN or somewhere like that, lol) principally because the homeowner had purchased an expensive 1,000 lb. hot tub and needed a powerful machine- the T650- to move it from his truck to his house. He also needed a digout for a block wall installation and a few other small tasks.

The hot tub move (two photos below) was a bear, requiring the tedious work of watching the homeowner and his helper strap it securely to the T650 pallet forks followed by a painfully slow trip from the truck he brought it in on, to an opening in the house providing only 1/4" of clearance on each side!

On most jobs I do my part but never see the completed project. However, in reference to the swales that were created first visit at the Crocker Springs property to re-direct what the property owner referred to as "a river of water running straight into my basement through the garage door every time it rains."

"Not a drop of water has entered the basement since you did the swale work," the property owner stated, a rare bit of satisfying after-the-fact feedback.

The four photos below were taken at a job on Luna Lane (off Walton Ferry) in Hendersonville on 6-9-11, part of which entailed breaking up a 10 x 10 cement patio extension for later placement of a garden shed.

The bucket or the pallet fork attachments in all other pics above & below are included as part of the T650 package, but note that the 750 lb. drop hammer used to break up the concrete patio above is an "extra" that can add substantially to the cost of the job. This attachment has a replacement cost of $9,285. It is also extremely heavy/unwieldy to transport so the logistics of getting it where it needs to be used are a factor in pricing. A one day rental on this very breaker at T.C.E. Rentals is $210 total, a half day is $150.

6-17-11 It's always fun to re-visit Clay Hair's property in Lebanon, TN (see "Bison Confrontation" above). He owns FLC Landscaping and I've done Bobcat work at his home and also on his landscape jobs many times. Since my last visit Clay and his wife Kristi, who collect animals purely for their personal use and enjoyment, have added dozens of new critters- zebra, miniature cattle, fallow deer, alpacas, ibex and more- to the mix. I counted two additional fearsome looking bison (four of the shaggy beasts to deal with now!) but fortunately my work this time was in Clay's new elk enclosure, digging a half moon shaped wallow pond fed by a small stream I blocked off temporarly to complete the dig:

Hey Clay, I don't know a lot about exotic animals and such but that's one funny looking elk that climbed in the T650 bucket...

The sheer power of the T650 is obvious in this photo below as I use the machine to tear down a cemented stack-stone wall in E. Nashville. Much of it busted into little bitty pieces as you see here; some chunks came out in sections weighing well over 2,000 lbs.!

Estimates/Consultations: If your job can be done with a Bobcat, I can do it, no need to "look at it" first. And customers often e-mail site pics for my review/comments, which is free. But if you insist on an in-person estimate, or feel you need my expertise to:

  • Help plan the job
  • Discuss options
  • Measure to determine the amount of materials needed

    I'll be glad to do so, estimates/consultations are $75 which includes coming out to your site and consulting with you for up to one hour, and is fully deductible against the job cost if you move forward.


When you have a real job to do you can either waste a lot of time and money fooling around with a smaller 25 -55 HP machine, rent a T650 or equivalent for $650-$850*, or call The Bobcat Man and save enough $ to purchase a new set of tires for your vehicle plus buy yourself a steak dinner at Outback on the way home.

Get true value for your money: ASK the operator you're thinking of hiring:
  • Are they fast and efficient like The Bobcat Man?

  • Can they fax you proof of a valid $2,000,000 insurance liabilty policy like The Bobcat Man can, or do they just charge you for it in their rate leaving you unprotected and vulnerable to lawsuits?

  • Can they provide a valid business license like The Bobcat Man can, or do they just charge you as if the license and the associated taxes are a part of their overhead then use that portion of your money to buy themself a six pack of Bud and a couple of cans of "chew"?

  • Is their machine equipped with tires that have just a tiny bit of surface contact and spin out under heavy loads, especially in damp conditions; or is it equipped with tracks that provide multiple times the surface traction and pushing power of tires?

  • How many horsepower are they packing? Is the engine turbocharged like the T650 is? Turbocharging adds about 45%- 50% additional power, giving the T650 over 100 HP!


The pics below were from a fairly large swale dig (approx. 500' x 12') across a backyard in Thompson's Station. The problem: Before the swale could be put in there was an 18" diameter, 60 foot drainage pipe encased in cement on one end; 9 Leyland Cypress trees and 12 or so Leyland stumps in the way. Other operators, including backhoe operators, refused the job due to tight working quarters or inability. Mini-excavators could do most of it but lacked enough power to pull the Leyland stumps or push trees, large backhoe operators felt they could enter the area but wouldn't be capable of maneuvering left or right in the tight working conditions (a fence along the back property line, a garage and the trees on the other side of the intended swale). And, of course, a couple of other skid steer operators heard the job description, and understandably it frightened them so badly they failed to show up for scheduled estimates.

Did someone say "problem"?

Bobcat Man Completes A Job Others Refuse!

Dateline: Thompson's Station, TN. April 29th, 2011

The morning dawned sunny and pleasant as Bobcat Man steered his machine down the driveway on Pedigo Place. At least one observer in the small group present had publicly expressed doubts that his mission would be successful due to the tight working quarters and the size of the trees that needed to be pushed over. But the look of determination on Bobcat Man's face foretold the only possible outcome:

5.25 hours later the stumps and trees were history, the drainage pipe was in the spoils pile and the swale was ready to carry water on a very different journey than the destructive one it had taken in the past. Total job cost: less than a tree company would want to remove one large tree.


If your job involves any type of grading or digging, it's mandatory that you call 811 which is Tennessee One Call.

TENNESSEE STATE LAW (Quick Summary): In the state of Tennessee, state law requires any property owner about to engage in digging, excavation, moving of earth, demolition or any type of activity that disturbs the earth and therefore could possibly involve a danger to damaging underground utility lines, to notify Tennessee One Call, of their intent.

One Call will then notify the utility companies who then have 72 hours (excluding holidays and weekends) to mark the location of their lines. Once again, this service is free of charge.

The $2,000,000 liability insurance policy I've carried the last seven years uninterupted is through Allstate and is underwritten by Capitol Indemnity valid 3-06-11 through 3-06-13. If necessary, a copy can be faxed to you by my local agent, just ask.

> * Depending on store location The Bobcat Rental Division rents the T650 for $350 to $380 per day. Unless you have a minimum one ton truck/16,000 GVW trailer with brakes to haul it, delivery is $100 to $150 each way depending on distance. Other charges include: all diesel fuel used (@ $5/gallon that's approx. $100 per day) and tax on the rental fee ($36). Proof of physical damage insurance covering up to the $60,000 machine replacement cost is required. In lieu of that, the Bobcat rental company will provide mandatory 1 day insurance coverage for 15% of the machine rental fee ($57).

Total charges to rent the T-650 for 8 hours? Approx. $700 to $850....That's about $85 to $106 per rental hour, without operator!

$700 to $850 to rent a Bobcat T650 WITHOUT a qualified operator? Once again, JUMP and JUMP FAST on the Bobcat Man's $340 special, it can't last long and it's the best bargain you'll likely see this year! Call 855-6630

** Many pickup truck owners assume they can simply hook up the rental trailer to their truck, drive away with a Bobcat machine and hey, let the fun begin! But typically, they go to the store assuming the $250 or $275 rental phone quote for a vastly inferior machine will "save them big money" and only then discover that in addition to the many other added fees, they'll be paying the $100 or more delivery fee anyway: Few, if any, rental stores in the Nashville area will let you take even the smallest Bobcat with a 1/2 ton truck because it will be a dangerously overloaded, illegal setup. (None of the four Nashville area rental stores researched for this site would permit even the tiniest Bobcat ever made- a 25 HP, 3,000 lb. machine that can't even dig dirt well- to be taken with anything less than a 3/4 ton truck.)

***The smallest Bobcat can be picked up with a 3/4 ton truck, no trailer brakes, provided the truck has a suitable GCWR, but most of the medium weight class Bobcat machines you can actually get much work done with in just five or six hours, will also require a trailer brake setup on your truck with an adjustable trailer brake box in the cab, accessible to the driver. Without adjustable trailer brakes you will likely be unable to control the rig in many common situations such as halting at a stop sign at the bottom of a hill. The weight of the trailer and Bobcat will simply overwhelm the truck brakes and push the rig into the intersection without slowing it much, if at all. Imagine how fun that might be!

****Any machine in the T650 weight class requires at least a 1 ton vehicle of the proper GCWR to haul it and you must have a trailer brake box setup.

*****If you're a business owner who will pay an employee to pick up and operate the rental machine, that's even more money wasted. Let's see...even at $15 per hour wages plus $4.50 an hour labor burden (FICA, Workmen's Comp, etc.) x 8 hours: that's an additional $156 dollars right down the toilet! It was truly a blast to toss hairbrushes and pens and stuff down there when you were five but now you're an adult it might be best to call The Bobcat Man at 855-6630.

"Actually, I'd have to say he's the best in the business. Not just here but in
the entire world, really." - The Bobcat Man's Mom

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