Need To Rent A Bobcat or Rent A Skid Steer in Hendersonville TN or the surrounding Sumner County TN communities: Goodlettsville TN, White House TN Millersville TN Gallatin TN Ridgetop TN or Greenbrier TN?

Please, do yourself a


favor, make Bobcat Man

your first stop. There you'll be treated to great information that can save you at least $150 to $250 TODAY! There's no sense in literally burning up that kind of money on diesel fuel and a day of work with a Bobcat! What are ya....crazy???

There are several additional charges on that bobcat rental you aren't thinking about right now.

Whether you rent in Hendersonville, Millersville, Greenbrier, Gallatin, White House or wherever doesn't matter. To be safe you better DOUBLE or TRIPLE that number in your head, unless of course, you're intelligent enough to keep reading.

That's because most advertising is designed to fool you into thinking low then selling you high once you're in the store under the pressure of a job already scheduled. Store managers have even been overheard saying to employees, "It costs a lot to lure a customer in here so once I hook 'em, stick your hand in their pocket and pull out every dime you can. What do we care? We'll never see those suckers again!"

You've probably figured you'd rent a Bobcat loader or skid steer for maybe $250 a day or less in total costs but WOW do YOU HAVE ANOTHER THINK COMING!

Did you add on the cost of diesel fuel? That can add up to a LOT in several hours of run time.

Did you consider transport? Your F-150 1/2 ton pickup truck is NOT going to work. Unless you have at least a 3/4 ton or better yet, a one ton truck, no rental store will permit you to load because it's not legal in TN to carry that much weight with a 1/2 ton.

In fact, You may need to pay $100 or so each way for delivery.

Did you add on the insurance almost all machine rental companies pretty much force you to buy when you rent a Bobcat machine in Hendersonville and in every single surrounding community? They may call it an "insurance waiver" that sounds like something good for you, but that is an inside joke that "waves" additional profit into their pocket, and the joke is on you. You're actually signing a contract that tacks on another 15% or so onto your bill! Worse, it's for them, not you! In most cases it only insures their machine against theft and fire. Damage it? You still have to pay for repairs! Hilarious isn't it?

Did you add on the mandatory TN and county sales tax on rentals? How about other fees that might apply like the machine cleaning fee? The machine trailer rental? Cha Ching!

What happens if you hit a rock and ruin a $275 tire and rim? Or damage a $2,500 hydraulic drive unit? You can fight it in court but they'll have a contract in hand with fine print stating you are liable that you signed off on. Good luck with that.

Still looking for a Hendersonville Bobcat rental? Be smart and make one-low-price-for-everything Bobcat Man your next stop!

So now you know and please pass the word to everyone you know....when you need to: